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Alcoholism In The Work Place

Today alcohol is part of many people's day, especially with the current situation and the issues, demands, stress and problems that it brings. How can employers manage alcohol and their employees


Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Extension

The Job Retention Scheme that ended on 31st October 2020 has now been extended, however, the guidelines have changed

Here is what we know so far.

Please note - we are currently in the process of updating the below guidance in line with new government guidance released on 10 November 2020.


Managing Long Covid

Long COVID can affect anyone of any age, although women under 50 are 50% more likely to suffer from long COVID than men in the same age group. Risk factors linked to long COVID include age, weight, asthma and ethnicity. So, employers must handle long COVID in an even-handed manner to avoid allegations of indirect race, sex or age discrimination.


Contract of Employment

The written terms of particulars (contract of employment) A contract of employment is in many respects no different from any other contract. As such, it's governed by contract law, which means that there needs to be: • An offer of employment by the employer, which should be clear and unambiguous and may be conditional. • Acceptance of that offer by the employee. • Consideration between the parties, for example the work done by the employee in return for the wages paid by the employer. • An intention to create a legally binding arrangement.