Our Services

Our Services

Human Resource Training and Mentoring

  • Providing one-off and ongoing support and training for the people in your business who look after human resources.
  • A sounding board for them to talk through issues, ideas and strategies.

Training & Development

  • Developing and delivering ‘on-boarding’ and induction programs for new staff.
  • Training line managers on human resource policies, and how to implement them.
  • Training staff on new human resource policies and initiatives.

Business Start-up Tool Kit

  • A human resource tool-kit for your new business to help you adopt best practices, and comply with the law from day one.
  • Statutory documentation, policies and procedures tailored to your business.

Absence and Holiday Management

  • Maintaining employee absence and holiday records for your business.
  • Trends identified and highlighted.
  • Absence managed accordingly, in line with legislation and best practice.

Outsourced Human Resource Services

  • Providing your business with a fully, or partially, outsourced human resource service.
  • A HR function for your business providing a professional structure for your managers and team.

Human Resource Documentation

Supplying human resource documents specific to your business, including:

  • Policies, procedures and staff handbooks.
  • Employment contracts and service agreements.
  • Self-employed and freelance agreements.
  • Settlement agreements.
  • Managing the human resource documents your business already has and ensuring they are up-to-date, legally compliant and securely stored.