Established in 2013, K Bater Consultancy provides human resource support, advice and solutions to small and medium sized businesses across the UK.
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Small and medium sized businesses face the same HR risks and challenges as large companies, but often lack the resources and knowhow to manage their HR effectively. At K Bater Consultancy we provide clients with practical HR support which helps make employment matters one less thing they need to worry about.

Expert HR Advice

Employing people can be challenging, and the complex nature of employment law means that failing to manage HR correctly brings with it considerable financial, reputational, and operational risk. At K Bater Consultancy we are experts in advising, guiding, and supporting businesses as they navigate the legal and technical minefield that employment and HR can sometimes be, as well as in helping them attract, recruit, and retain the right staff for their business.

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K Bater Consultancy has more than two decades of experience in advising and supporting small and medium sized businesses as they navigate the increasingly complex world of human resources and employment.

From drafting an offer letter, to advising on business restructuring and acquisitions, K Bater Consultancy has the knowledge and experience to help your business with its HR needs


At K Bater Consultancy we know that all businesses are different, so pride ourselves on not having a “one size fits all” approach or insisting on our clients having long contracts.

We believe that when you need HR support and advice, cost should not be a prohibiting factor, so we prefer to find a way to work with you that matches your needs and budget, whilst still giving you the support and advice you need,


At K Bater Consultancy we pride ourselves on our flexible approach and provide HR support and advice that is tailored to your needs, available when you need it and is as unique and specific as your business.

We also appreciate that, whilst a lot of what we do can be done over the phone, via email and in “virtual” meetings, HR matters sometimes need the ‘human touch’. When those times come, we are always happy to ‘be there’ in person to support you.


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To find out how K Bater Consultancy can help support your business HR needs, please give us a call to today.